A Gift from Mother Nature

Not all gifts are wrapped in pretty paper with a big bow. And that's okay. A gift as great as this doesn't need all the fuss and frills. This gift wasn't brought to us by Amazon or a major retailer. No, this gem comes straight from Mother Nature herself.


If you live in the Treasure Valley and haven't heard of the banana slug, Idaho Fish & Game typically encounters the gastropod in Bonner, Kootenai, and Shoshone counties.

Why the odd name? According to the critter-loving authorities over at National Geographic, the "banana slug is named for its resemblance to a ripe (or overripe, in the case of spotted individuals) banana."

Slimy Slow Rider

One of the slimiest and slowest moving critters in Idaho and on Earth, for that matter, the banana slug travels roughly six and a half inches per minute.

The slime also helps banana slugs move—and simultaneously keep predators away. [...] The trail of slime can often imperil or slow down attackers such as Pacific giant salamanders and northwestern garter snakes—common banana slug predators. When ingested, the slime can make attackers’ tongues go numb. -National Geographic

It's okay, banana slug. We'd probably move at a similar pace if we had one lung, one foot, and no spinal column.

Do You See What We See?

Listen, we're big Nat Geo fans, but we're just not on board with the idea that these creatures resemble one of our favorite breakfast fruits. However, the last thing we want to do is influence your opinion. So, before we give you ours, take a look at the banana slug in the photo below!

Idaho Fish & Game
Photo Credit: Idaho Fish & Game

We don't know what you've been putting in your mouth all these years, but this creature looks nothing like that of a banana—not in color, shape, or size. Nope! What we see is a mushroom; like kind you'd put on top of a hot and cheesy, oh-so-dreamy pizza! Pardon our blushing...we're suckers for food porn.

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