The Best Time to Sell a House in Boise is Coming Up
Spring is usually an active time for real estate transactions, and there is a two-week period coming up that is supposed to be hotter than hot. If you're selling a home, put it on the market during this time and it will sell faster, and for more money.
Craftsman Style Homes Are In High Demand in Boise
When you're house shopping, do you pick a favorite based on the way the house looks from the outside, or is it all about the kitchen and living areas inside? It turns out that curb appeal is pulling people in right now, and front porches are top draws.
Recent Weather Increases Damage to Homes in Boise Foothills
This is just devastating!
We talked about this neighborhood and the damage that was being done to the homes and foundation several months ago. With the recent extreme weather we have had, it has made the situation even worse. The damage has forced people to have to move out of their homes...
Boise Real Estate Market Stays Hot
Some homes in Boise are selling the day the go on the market, which is awesome news for sellers.  But it also means buyers might be stressed out and close to giving up.
Here's what the hot real estate market in Boise means for all of us.