As we get closer and closer to the election, most people know their presidential pick, but do you know who and what else is on the ballot?

From Senators to representatives in congress to candidates at the College Of Western Idaho, you have a lot of choices beyond who will serve as President to make. You can see your precinct-specific ballot HERE. Take a look at a sample ballot in Ada County:

It's a lot more involved than one might think, right? You have plenty of choices to make and it's a lot better to know ahead of time rather than having to think quickly on the fly. Now, the initial response for some may be to elect all Republican or all Democray but maybe a little bit more planning should go into some of these major decisions. The good thing is that we have Google, which is a very helpful tool to work with to learn more about these candidates so that we're served well by people who have our best interests in mind. Democracy is fun, isn't it? But it doesn't come without a little bit of work, ya know? But all that work is, is a little research.

Regardless, the day is coming and we've all got to be prepared to face lines and maybe a little chaos. Respect your neighbor, am I right? And soon, all the obnoxious election signs will be off the road, out of sight and out of mind. Get out and vote, Idaho!

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