How freaking messed up is this. Sarah Ledford, a Boise based photographer was out enjoying the beautiful Treasure Valley Sun and taking pics for a client at Camel's Back Park, and then this happens. All I'd know, I'd be pissed

What felt like a completely normal photo session turned into a crime. And now Boise PD is asking for the public's help with finding what was taken.  Photographer Sarah Ledford was at walking towards her car near the top of the hill to retrieve something out of her car. Seems simple right, wrong. What happened next just is completely horrible. A woman was walking near the bottom of the hill walked by her equipment and stole it. ALL! The camera was left behind but there was some substantial damage, but Ledford said that is not the big issue camera's can be fixed. The SD card that held all the hundreds of photos was stolen has not been returned. In a quote from Ledford, she said, as long as the SD card comes back all is good.

With the City of Trees growing the sad reality of the growth is the amount of crime that comes with it. Police ask if you have any information on the thief to please contact them immediately.


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