Boise has several dog parks which make the city increasingly dog friendly.

But does it make Boise one of the best dog cities in the US?

Boise has several dog-friendly areas to try if you haven't already.  Here are a few ideas:

Morris Hill Dog Park at 10 N Roosevelt St

Military Reserve Flood Basin Dog Park on Park Mountain Cove Rd.  (That's also an archery range.)

Williams Park at 201 W Williams St

Castle Hills Park on Eugene Street

The City of Boise officially offers four off-leash dog parks and eight other off-leash areas.  Otherwise all dogs have to be on a leash when they're out running around with you.

Cool!  The pups will love the afternoon of fun, and even if you have anti-social little dogs like mine that act tough and bark a lot and annoy people, other dog owners seem to have a high tolerance for pesky.  As long as the little squirts are on leashes. released its list of the Top 10 American Dog Cities this week, and said Charleston, South Carolina is #1.  They based it on the number of pet stores, dog friendly restaurants, dog parks and trails, and households that own a dog. Seattle was the closest city to us to make the list, coming in at #10.

Do you think Boise has become more dog friendly over the years?  I do. says Boise has 12 dog friendly locations including restaurants, pet stores, hotels and parks.

Dogs can tag along in several spots, except maybe your office building.

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