Let me tell you my tale (tail?) from this past weekend at Dog Island at Ann Morrison Park... It involves a wiener dog named Toby, 13 years of age (dream harp plays)...

In defense of the park, there is a smaller dog section that is completely fenced off and that's probably where I should have been with my 20 pound, 13 year old wiener dog with shaky legs, but alas, I wanted to enjoy the whole island.

Saturday we took the dogs over to dog island at Ann Morrison park and ironically, as we crossed the bridge, my fiance Stacy said, "come on Toby, come over the rainbow bridge", and then this happened. We were walking around the park when we got a little too close to the water. And it's not a river, but it does have a bit of a current. Next thing you know, 13 year old dog Toby who has never swam in his life, falls in the water and I had to rescue him. It was pretty scary seeing his head submerged. We got him out and he was super disoriented but happy to be out of the water. I'm so glad he didn't drown and I'm really really glad that the current didn't sweep him away. His little old legs don't really stand a chance at swimming.

I will say, it's a beautiful dog park and it seems everyone has a pretty good eye on their dogs, even the bigger ones, and it's a beautiful place for the pups to run and play.

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