If there's one thing that's consistent in the Treasure Valley, it's the love people have for their pets. And unlike a lot of larger cities, the variety of pets is pretty interesting here, too!

According to theactivetimes.com, Boise sits at number 30 on their best pet-friendly list, citing,

Boise, Idaho, boasts beautiful trees and shrubbery all over the city, which makes it a perfect place for pets who love the outdoors and nature.

One of the great things about this are isn't just that it's pet friendly, but the type of pets that you'll find here. Of course the Treasure Valley is home to a ton of amazing dogs and cats (feel free to share pictures), but it's also the home to a lot of pigs, chicken and other unconventional pets.

With unique places to take your pets, all of our amazing parks, the greenbelt, etc., it's no surprise that Boise made the list. The only surprise to me is that we're only number 30!

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