We're living in the moment where real estate continues to boom and so does construction. You are going to need things for people to do in the outdoors and that means more parks.

There is a big new park being built on Bowler property in Southeast Boise with an opening date this Summer. Just more places to spread out the beginning of some congestion we're seeing on the trails.

Bowler Park began construction back in early January and still plans on opening this Summer. The park sits on 24.62 acres near Surprise Valley in Southeast Boise.

Bowler Park Site Coming Details.

  • 6 acres to park to include sagebrush currently there
  • Green-up and amenities
  • 1.25 acre fenced dog park that includes (2) shade shelters, dog fountain
  • Skateboard/scooter plaza
  • Outdoor fitness equipment
  • Bocce ball court
  • Playground
  • Mister poles
  • Large shelter
  • Small shade shelter and restroom

Three of those acres will have the turf installed that includes a parking lot. Did I mention the Disc Golf course. This layout looks amazing and just in time for Summer. There will also be an off-leash area for your pets to let loose with their friends.

Bowler Community Parker is very well thought out for your family and furry friends. I will keep an eye on the construction updates but everything looks to be on schedule. Expect these places to be heavily populated this Summer with the pandemic hopefully coming to an end. People want to get out and parks make everyone feel much safer.

There are on and off-leash areas. Do you have a license for your pets? Click Pet License Information for details.

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