This is news but not shocking considering the current climate of the country. The Boise Greenbikes will be shutting down the end of September but there's a possibility that the popular bike-share might not come back.

I was reading a few posts that made it seem like the Greenbikes had a plan to shut down and come back with double the bikes that include electric bikes.

The electric bike angle is cool and you're starting to see more on the streets. There is a higher value on that service and they'll need more sponsors to help fund these types of bikes. That was the plan until the country was hit with COVID-19. So, they shut down the end of September with the option that without proper sponsors, this service could go away period.

KTVB is reporting that Boise GreenBike relies on sponsors and without those funds we might see the end of this service in Boise. That impacts a lot of people who commute to places like the hospital and school. If you currently pay to use on a monthly system follow the link below for more details. If you paid for the year reimbursements will be available but not in cash so click through.

This sucks for so many reasons. You have to be discouraged when seeing everything shutting down. We need this pandemic to disappear and everyone gets healthy so we can continue to move forward.


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