This is fun. Have you seen those bike bars rolling through Downtown Boise on weekends packed with people who are just happy? Add some alcohol and you've got a bike bar. I've taken these on the weekend and it's fun.

That's not exactly the case for some people who actually can't stand those bars. I somehow went down the rabbit hole and came across an article in the Idaho Statesman regarding those bars on wheels.

I can't find the video but I guess there's a guy who was taking video and started throwing water balloons at people riding 😂That is funny right? I'm reading this article and it just sounds like some "get off my lawn" attitude that I'm seeing.

Boise City Council member Lisa Sánchez agrees with getting rid of these during the pandemic due to safety concerns. I have a lot of respect for Lisa and understand her angle. I see how people would feel like that. The other complaints are about loud music, causing traffic and rude people.

I've taken a ride on these and the host was very serious about rules. That first 10 minutes of what you can and can't do seemed legit to me. I'll admit it was loud, fun and this girl was trying to give me a lapdance and my friend had to jump in front of her. That's just all fun though right?

Seriously though, If these bike bars are breaking rules just fine them and if it continues you can pull a license. It's simple to me but it seems like people are divided on the subject.

You might want to book a ride soon because this could get ugly. You might see these in non-alcoholic versions if this keeps up. I need to find this video but came across this guy in Boise. He was sick of these bars and decided to blast them with water. I guess it's a thing and you can see that by the videol

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