In 2020, it can be a little alarming if you start to feel any kind of symptoms. I sneezed in public and I felt like I was getting death stares. But when should you worry and when should you brush it off?

I kind of have a theory that with all the mask wearing, hand washing and sanitizing, that the coming cold and flu season will probably be a little less chaotic this year. Maybe? But certainly people will catch the common cold and it's hard not to question your symptoms, right?

I found this order of symptoms that will tell you if you're dealing with Covid-19. Maybe this will take the pressure off a little bit?

Covid-19's Order Of Symptoms:

  1. Fever is usually the first symptom
  2. Cough is next
  3. Muscle Pain comes in third and makes you feel sore for no reason
  4. Upset Stomach and vomiting are next, now you know you're in it
  5. Diarrhea

Then you should probably get tested. Be prepared though, the common cold is still a thing and you could end up with the sniffles, but it doesn't necessarily mean it's all coming to an end.

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