You can't decide what to watch on Netflix tonight is the problem right? Are you the one who continues to swipe until the end of the Popular to Watch list ends?

My wife just looks at me confused as I scroll for maybe an hour. Have you ever just given up because you can't find the right thing to watch or it's an anxiety moment of making a decision? Netflix has a fix for your issues!

Netflix currently is trying out something called, "The Shuffle Button" that will appear. Yes, this topic is trending and sadly I understand why. This new button will make decisions based upon things that you like to assist you in your late-night indecisiveness.

We're always looking for better ways to connect members with shows and films that they will love. We run these tests in different countries and for a different period of time - and only make them broadly available if people find them useful

That's coming from a Netflix spokesperson and is just a piece of it. Don't they already do this? Doesn't it say, "If you watched this you might like these" I thought those helped out but I guess not because I still can't find a damn thing to watch!

Don't be too shocked when you see it. I'm sure if you like this they will know because everyone is watching you 👀

Think of all the new services like Disney+ and Netflix still has 193 million subscribers with a new 10 million additions last quarter. Well, that's only 3 million considering they other 7 million are using someone else's login 😂 You can find more at CNN.

See if your Shuffle Button is ready, I'll wait.


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