Admittedly, before I knew I'd be moving to Idaho I only knew two things about it: Famous for potatoes and the "I da hoe, you da hoe" joke. And I know that might possibly be the most annoying thing ever, except for maybe Californians. I kid, I kid. But I do love that I live in Idaho in time for National Potato Day.

Truth is, I LOVE potatoes on a level. They are amazing in all forms: scalloped, mashed, fried, boiled, baked, au gratin, riced, hashed. They are perfect as a side dish or an entree. And they are used to make vodka! In fact, I love them so much that before I was even made aware of National Potato Day, I had plans to make Moug and his fiance, Stacy, my famous mashed potatoes.

Full disclosure, I call them mine just because I make them often. In actuality the recipe belongs to The Sexy Vegan, Brian Patton, who shared his recipe with Hallmark Channel a few years back. You can still find the Perfect Mashed Potatoes recipe on their site (

This weekend Moug will be a convert to the vegan mashed potato life (Bye, butter and milk). And I will make enough to feed me for the rest of the week. Carb hoe for life, with an emphasis on potatoes.


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