For most of my life I thought huckleberries weren't real. I know that sounds stupid, but I'd only ever heard of huckleberry pie in cartoons.I thought it was a made up thing. Then on my first ever visit to Boise I had a Huckleberry Bellini at Fork and it was perfection. My server informed me it's Idaho's state fruit, so many restaurants use them in desserts and cocktails.

Now that huckleberry season is in full swing, I want to take advantage and use them in recipes. I've had Homemade by Dorothy Wild Huckleberry Jam on buttered sourdough bread, which is delicious. But I'm looking for something with a little more umph to it, like a dessert.

Bake It Paleo has a huckleberry crumb bar recipe that's easy and vegan! Per usual, I'll be heading to Albertsons Market Street to pick up a pound of these delicious berries along with flower, maple syrup, cinnamon, lemons, and shortening. I'm not the best in the kitchen, but this seems easy enough. And if I screw it up, I'll just throw some huckleberries into my champagne and call it a day.

What are your favorite huckleberry recipes? I know not everyone is vegan but I can always make adjustments, so let me know!



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