Our official nickname in Boise is the "City of Trees," but it wouldn't be so far off to also call ourselves the "City of Bikes."  Now, there's a new way for bikers to help fight theft.

You may not know that the average day in Boise means one stolen bike, and now, Boise Police are advising cyclists to sign up to be a part of the Bike Index to help bring that number down.

Though the Index wouldn't necessarily prevent theft, the concept is that more stolen bikes could be returned to their owners and make the theft of Boise bicycles less appealing.

This isn't a brand new concept.  In fact, Boise Police have had a registry for more than 20 years, but this version was set up by cyclists and evolves the concept in some key areas.

First, participants can upload pictures of the bike and ensure that key details about customization, design, accessories are all included.  Then other cyclists and law enforcement officers have access from anywhere and not just inside police networks.

Boise Police are in support of this program and have partnered with the cyclists who were responsible for this new take on the idea.  In fact, you can sign up for the Index at the Boise Police Website.


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