As a bike owner, one hopes to never have their bike stolen. I actually had this happen to me not once but TWICE as a kid (and I cried both times). But it is good to know where these bike thefts are most likely to happen around the city.

Boise police shared a map on Facebook showing all bike thefts that have been reported to the Boise Police Department in the month of March.

Downtown and specifically near Boise State University appeared to be a hot spot for stolen bike activity. “If you have to park it anywhere, make it the most secure bike on the rack.  Don't forget to use a U-lock,” says Boise Police.

As the weather starts warming up, the BPD would also like to remind the community the importance of registering your bike at Believe it or not but police recover many lost and stolen bikes each year. If your bike is ever stolen or lost, police use The Bike Index toil to help them return your bike to you.

‘If your bike is stolen, you already have the serial number for the police report in your Bike Index account. If you lose your bike and we find it, we have the information to get your bike back to you.“

Registering your bike is easy and it’s free to do so. Just fill out the form on the on the Bike Index webpage and be sure to include pictures of your bike. Confirm your bike and then your  Bike Index account will be open. 

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