I didn't think it was possible, but I wanted to fit both cars in my garage, and after a weekend of extreme organization, I've made it happen! Here are some easy ways to make your garage more organized.

Between the bikes and boxes, our old gas dryer and all the other odd items that don't have an official home for inside our home, I was not very optimistic we'd fit both cars in the garage. Thanks to some easy organizational tricks, we're both in the garage with some room to spare!

So I knew I had to get some things off the ground if I was going to have any room at all so I started with hanging the bikes, my ladder and my handtruck/dolly with these super cheap hooks from Amazon: These are only $15 and you get a variety of sizes. These are the ones I used to hang the bikes from the ceiling.

I have a big problem with losing drills, and drill bits, and chargers, and batteries and so I knew I needed a good solution. So for $69.99, I got this drill organizer/charging station. And I got to use my drill to put it together, which was nice.

garage 2

Lastly, I knew I had to leave some space and put some strategy into how we parked. So my truck parks backwards with a little space on that side of the garage so my door can open, and she pulls straight in with some space on her side for her door to open. So, bada bing, bada boom. Hanging some stuff on the walls, some organization and some strategy and the impossible is done!


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