Rhodes Park in Downtown Boise will be a hot bed of activity with world class athletes covering on the City of Trees this summer. 


Just before the Boise Music Festival kicks off into full gear on the 24th the BIG event will be the X-Games at Rhodes Skate Park under the Bridge Downtown. Some of the best skaters in the WORLD will travel to our great state to compete for the title of X-Games GOLD Medalist. These skaters are freaking amazing. I say that knowing that the extent of my skating days went out the door as soon as I feel and broke my arm when I was 16. The next Tony Hawk could be coming to town and the amazing thing, Friday tickets went on sale for bleacher seats and they sold out in less than 20 minutes. The event will be a qualifier for the BIG games but never the less these dudes are insanely talented. Will there be any more seats going on sale before the event? My suggestion, keep watching the Rhodes Skate Park's Facebook Page daily by clicking on this LINK.

Not only will the skaters be coming to down the best BMX bike riders will be qualifying for there chance to move on and compete in the X-Games.

PSSSSTTT...Here is a lil secret, there are still standing room only areas at the park so you may still be able to see these athletes shred and tear up the park, but nothing is guaranteed. So good luck and I can't wait to see the talent come to town and kill it. - JD


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