My family took in the new Lego Movie this weekend.  Keep in mind we are all over 15, so it was weird going to what looked to be a total kids movie...which it is, but it is just as much a movie for all adults, especially if you have ever played with Legos as a kid.  It was absolutely brilliant.  I loved this movie, and was laughing the entire time, as was my wife and kids.  What I love even more is when a movie includes bloopers and outtakes from the movie. Sometimes they are even funnier than the actual movie.  The Lego Movie, has some very funny outtakes available to watch, but not at the end after the credits roll, like other movies.  It's very interesting how they came about because the movie is animated.

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When I originally saw the preview for the Lego Movie, I was skeptical.  OK, I thought it was going to suck out loud, but as more and more of my friends saw it and said how great it was, the more intrigued I was to see it.

Then I saw this blooper reel from the movie and that was what pushed me over the edge to finally see it.  The thing that is absolutely brilliant about these outtakes is that the bloopers were made while filming. Since this is a stop action/computer generated film, the animators put together scenes to go along with the screw ups and out takes long after the movie was done. Take a look.