What Are The All Time Greatest Movies?
My fiance and I are discussing watching some movies we haven't seen. Y'know, the ones that people go "you HAVEN'T seen that?" when you tell them? I recently watched Pulp Fiction and it wasn't very good. What are some other must sees?
Movies To Watch To Help You Educate Yourself About Black History
I'll be the first one to admit that I've been pretty naive about what black people have gone through in history. Having been raised in predominatelly white Salt Lake City, and now living in Boise, it's an issue that I haven't been as educated on as I should be and I've made …
What Do You Miss Most?
What's that thing that you feel like you didn't fully appreciate until you weren't able to do it? Strangely, the first thing that comes to my mind is unlimited chips and salsa.
Best Movies For The Quarantine!
It's crazy, I watched Contagion this weekend, and it's eerily similar to the life we're all living right now. Here are some of the best movies to watch this quarantine season!
Only Heroes Have iPhones
This is great news cause I have a friend who is total iPhone hater, and often suggests that people who use iPhones are dumb. Well guess what... When you watch a movie, any movie, the villain won't ever have an iPhone. Here's why.

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