Are you ready to Fuel Your Story. A NEW coffee shop is opening in the Treasure Valley this Friday and MIX 106 will be there and so should you. Black Rock Coffee is not just a coffee shop. This uniquely extraordinary company is focused on people and coffee second. Matter of fact there motto is "More than a coffee company, we are a people company." It's the place to meet, the place to grow and the place to connect. They have scoured the Pacific Northwest and roasted some of the best coffee beans and are ready to serve it up during there grand opening this Friday at the new Meridian location 1757 West Chinden road. The best part...the coffee all day is FREE!

Come out and enjoy a FREE drink this Friday with me from 10 A.M to Noon. I can promise  you this will son become your go to spot each morning on your way into work or drive home from the office in need of a quick pick em up. Also follow these guys on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram they do a brilliant job of getting the word out. - JD


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