I'm still trying wrap my head around the experience I had at a popular Boise coffee shop the other day.

An iced coffee was calling my name in this obnoxiously hot weather. I walked in and ordered an one with caramel which seemed like a simple enough order to me. After that I was asked the most baffling question. Here's how the conversation with the barista went:

Me: I'll have an iced coffee with a little bit of creamer and caramel 

Her: What kind of coffee would you like?

Me: iced?

Her: Okay, but do you want like a latte?

Me: No an iced coffee.

Her: Do you want that made as an americano though or maybe like a cold brew?

Me: No... an iced coffee ??? 

Anyway.. I ended up settling with a cold brew made with oat milk and caramel. The cold brew was good but it's not what I wanted.

I walked away from that encounter more confused than anything and started questioning the past 5 years of my life as a consistent iced coffee drinker. Why couldn't I order a simple iced coffee? What is the basis of iced coffee? Is iced coffee real? Am I real?

I'd like to think maybe she was new or something because I can't actually believe that a coffee place as successful as Black Rock in Boise doesn't serve plain old iced coffee! During the whole interaction it was as if she thought I was the crazy one but at this point I just don't know.

Have you ever had this experience? I need some reassurance here!! Iced coffee is a thing right?

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