Easter Sunday is this weekend, April 12th, but it a lot of our traditional celebrating is going by the wayside with the COVID-19 pandemic. Are you celebrating Easter this year?

I haven't done one thing to prepare for Easter this year. Amidst the stay-at-home order, I haven't bough candy or gifts or anything for an Easter dinner. Churches are closed. I don't see any point in buying Easter dresses and I'm starting to wonder if we are going to be doing much celebrating at all?

Easter is my favorite holiday. I love it more than Christmas, but it's tough this year. We can't gather together with family and friends. There won't be any Easter egg hunts. I can't even get away from my kids to buy anything, Amazon will take too long to get anything here at this point, and part of me feels like throwing the towel in on the whole thing.

Do you feel the same? On the other hand, I can't imagine not celebrating my favorite holiday, and all that it stands for.

Perhaps we'll have a very simple Easter this year and maybe there is something beautiful about that.

What are you planning to do for Easter this year?

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