I love my children, I really do, but there is something beautiful about them going to school and we are getting a heavy dose of "summer break" this year and I'm going crazy. 

Here's what is driving me to the nut house.

1. Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom!!! I swear, I literally cannot go to the bathroom without them calling my name and needing something.

2. Crafts. My daughter is a crafter. She's very artistic, and I admire that about her, but oh the messes! Paper, scissors, clay, paint, it's everywhere! I'm constantly telling her to clean up! Ugh.

3. Trying to keep the kids off their devices. My son really struggles with this one. If he's bored, he is on his phone. I get it. He's 13. He can't see friends, social-distancing is tough, but I feel guilty every time I see him on his phone.

4. Constant guilt that I am not giving them enough attention. Trying to work from home and keep up the house, I don't play with them as much as I should. Truthfully, I'm not a mom that loves play. I'll read with them, make something in the kitchen, or go for a walk, but I don't love playing games. Am I awful?

5. Too much time in the kitchen.  Like I said, I love making and baking in the kitchen with my kids, but they want to make a treat nearly every single day and my kitchen is always a bomb!

We'll get through this right?! I did the math and the next school year starts in about 20 weeks. I think I need a mimosa this morning!

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