I've been less than motivated as of late to kickstart my fall fitness. At this time of year I am usually fully into a fitness routine along with healthy eating and hydration habits. Maybe it's the vibe of 2020 that has me feeling off. But I really want to push through to hit my goals. Moug is embarking on YMCA's Strong Challenge and I think that's exactly what I need.

I've signed up for the challenge that starts October 12th and runs for 6 weeks and look forward to the support and company of thousands of Treasure Valley folks as we go through this journey together. But I've got a competitive streak in me that wants and needs high stakes to really get me going when I'm not self motivated. And what raises the stakes more than money?

So Moug and I each have $100 on the line betting we can attain our respective fitness goals by the end of 6 weeks. If I fail, he pockets my cash. If he fails, I pocket his cash. If we both fail, our money caters a lunch for the office in which we can not partake. If we both achieve our goals we get to keep our money and feel proud of ourselves for completing the challenge in spectacular fashion.

Every bit of me wants to spend the remainder of this week napping and stuffing my face because I have to give it up in just a few days. I think I should instead start to ease myself into the challenge before going full throttle. So I'll keep the naps, but I'll cut back on the snacking...tomorrow. I've already had a bowl of chips. Oops. Who's joining us on this challenge?


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