Titanic Exhibit at Idaho Discovery Center Soon
While I am far from a history buff, in fact it is probably what I put the least effort in school, the Titanic has always been fascinating to me. I cant honestly say if that would have been the case had it not been for the blockbuster movie. The car scene was so scandalous when I was a teen watching …
When Is The Right Time To Have A Baby?
I'm 34 and getting married to my 30 year old fiancé in two weeks. We talk a lot about when the right time to start having kids is, but is there a right time to have a baby?
Election 2020: “So, Who Ya Votin’ For?”
An Idaho guide to avoiding unpleasant conversations with family and friends. Inevitably, in these tumultuous times, you'll end up in an awkward conversation with people with glaringly different views.
Traveling In The Age Of Covid
I live in Idaho (obviously), my mom lives in Texas, and the rest of my family lives in Vegas. We haven't seen each other in over a year. How irresponsible is it for us all to meet in Vegas to reunite?

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