We made it! 2020 is officially over, and has been for half a week now. Obviously the turn of the year doesn't mean an automatic reset from all the 2020 hullabaloo. But for many, myself included, it does bring a sense of hope. A hope that in the 361 days left we will see the tides turn for the better. I guess I'm an optimist. As such, I made some resolutions to set the tone for the year.

Last year I made 38 resolutions, of which I kept 12. That means I had a 31.8% success rate. An F, essentially. But it was 2020! Most of us didn't keep our resolutions. In fact, a survey found that only 26% of people claim to have kept all of their resolutions last year. 48% of people kept some of them, while 23% admit to failing all their resolutions for 2020.

The ten most popular resolutions last year:

  1.  exercising more
  2. losing weight
  3. improving diet
  4. saving more money
  5. spending more time with family
  6. making a career move
  7. home renovation
  8. getting a new hobby
  9. spending less time on social media
  10. drinking less.

Quarantine life alone had many losing careers, drinking more, gaining weight, and glued to social media because bored.

So now it's 2021. Will things be looking different? I've recommitted myself to some goals I missed last year, like being more considerate and overcoming family toxicity. I've even challenged myself with folding and putting away my laundry. I've also added a couple of new ones: supporting small businesses/BIPOC owned businesses, drying my hands with one paper towel in public restrooms. So far I'm on pace! Bought a cookbook from a small online black owned business and did my own laundry.

The paper towel resolution is to help save on paper products to help the environment and I encourage you to try it out! Here is a TED talk on how easy it to accomplish. And I'm happy to say that I'm CRUSHING this one and you can too!

Have you stayed on top of your resolutions so far, or are they all broken? In either case, these things won't define you and you can always just start over. But at the very least, try this paper towel thing. It's good for the planet and it's impressive every time you do it.


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