Mike and Nicole's OPP: Is It Wrong to Date?
Dear Mike and Nicole,
I recently relocated back to the area after accepting a teaching position at a local high school. My family and I left two years ago to be closer to my wife's family. I moved back because my wife and I ended up separating...
Mike and Nicole's OPP: First Date Fail
Dear Mike and Nicole,
I have been divorced and single for about 2 years and decided to try my hand at online dating. I was talking to a guy for about two weeks before we decided to meet up for dinner. We met at the Matador at the Village on Friday night...
Ladies, Ever Kicked A Guy’s Butt At Date Games?
I had a great date over the weekend, and it was his idea to go bowling.  We drank wine, we had dinner, and then we headed to the bowling alley for a spur-of-the-moment game.  He just happened to have his own ball and shoes in his car because he bowls in a league, so I was immediately intim…
Looking For Romance? Double Date!
Forget going out to dinner with your special someone alone, and staring romantically into their eyes over intimate conversation and candlelight.
The experts say the way to kindle some romance in your relationship, is to go on a double date.