Who Has Boise’s Best Breakfast?
I'm a fool for a good breakfast. Some of my favs are Fork on 8th Street, Mo Joe's, Express Cafe (both in Meridian). A California favorite (hear me out before you goff) has arrived and has my full endorsement...
Seriously. What Makes A Bad Kisser?
A friend of mine got LEFT on a date because he was a bad kisser. After she was gone she sent a text saying that he was a bad kisser and that it was something very important to her.
2020: Big Wedding Or A Quick Elopement
I know I write a lot about the whole wedding thing but it's a confusing year... We had planned a big wedding for April 25th and had to move it, now we're thinking of scrapping it all and doing something different.
Mike and Nicole's OPP: Is It Wrong to Date?
Dear Mike and Nicole,
I recently relocated back to the area after accepting a teaching position at a local high school. My family and I left two years ago to be closer to my wife's family. I moved back because my wife and I ended up separating...
Mike and Nicole's OPP: First Date Fail
Dear Mike and Nicole,
I have been divorced and single for about 2 years and decided to try my hand at online dating. I was talking to a guy for about two weeks before we decided to meet up for dinner. We met at the Matador at the Village on Friday night...

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