Twenty years ago today, Bring It On starring Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union hit theaters and inevitably shaped me as a young girl. Five sequels and two decades later, the iconic cheer film remains a cult classic.

It's kind of weird to think that the year 2000 was really two decades ago! I personally believe that the early 2000's were the golden era of pop culture - from fashion to film. In case you want to make yourself feel old or you just want to take a nostalgic trip down memory lane, here is a list of 20 movies that are turning 20 in the year 2020.

  1. Bring It On - Introduced the word "cheer-ocracy" into our vocabulary.
  2. Remember The Titans - LEFT SIDE! STRONG SIDE!
  3. Miss Congeniality - Sandra Bullock still hasn't aged a bit.
  4. Scary Movie - Unprecedented satire that was so stupid it was good.
  5. Charlie's Angels - Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu had no business being this hot.
  6. Meet The Parents - Robert De Niro is every boyfriend's nightmare come true.
  7. Castaway - WILSOOONN!!!!
  8. How The Grinch Stole Christmas - I watch this movie even when it's not Christmas time. Long live the legendary Jim Carey.
  9. Love and Basketball - All's fair in love and basketball.
  10. Dude Where's My Car? - One for the stoners.
  11. Final Destination - The tanning bed scene scarred me for life.
  12. Almost Famous -  When I think of Kate Hudson I'll forever think of this movie.
  13. American Pyscho - Christian Bale has range.
  14. Coyote Ugly - Tyra Banks dancing on a bar - enough said.
  15. Girl, Interrupted - Angelina Jolie plays crazy so well
  16. Gladiator - Personally I've never seen this one but every male that I know has.
  17. X-Men - Truly an all-star cast
  18. Erin Brokckovich - I wanted to be Erin Brokckovich when I grew up. I still do.
  19. Emperor's New Groove - Thank goodness for Disney+.
  20. Rugrats in Paris: The Movie - The most adventurous babies in the history of babies.

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