If you missed the original airing of the Lori Vallow 2020 special, The Gravedigger's Wife, you HAVE to check it out. This story becomes more and more abhorrent with every added detail, my mind was blown.

It's crazy to see a mom who seemed to have it all, turn into such a vile being. The world seemed to be collectively holding it's breath until the news that Vallow's children had been found on Chad Daybell's property last summer. Abhorrent, disgusting, repugnant, vile, these words don't come close to describing how I felt after watching this 2020 special.

If you missed the original airing, you can catch it on Hulu or the abc.com or the ABC app if you have cable login.

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It really is eye opening and hard to believe... What's the worst part? Having no remorse whatsoever over the death of her husband? Gleefully living her life in Hawaii while her kids were missing? Lying and saying the kids were with her friend or their grandparents? The whole thing is just so bizarre and I counted FIVE people related to Lori and/or Chad that died in the last few years; these are not people you want to associate with on any level.

How about the cult like following Daybell seemed to have? I worry about the town of Rexburg who had people LITERALLY MOVING THERE because they believed the things he had written in his book. This whole case is sad, and really makes you question humanity, but also, the 2020 special gives you an incredible look at just how deeply disturbing this story is.

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