Have you ordered your Halloween costume yet? I was driving to grab a quick sandwich from Jimmy John's on Broadway over across from Dutch Bros in that old ShopKo parking lot.

I saw all these yard signs lining down the streets with arrows pointing and look who just moved in. Spirit Halloween costume stores are moved in and open for business. It may only be September but Halloween is here. Wait, can we even trick-or-treat?

We've seen places in California ban things like trick-or-treating, carnivals and truck-r-treating. That was followed by a quick retraction with suggestions on being safe. The public backlash must have been swift on that one which could be the same for anywhere else.

Washington State hasn't decided was the plan will be other than being safe. Idaho isn't quite that vague. Gov. Brad Little's office said this,

no restrictions are being put on trick-or-treating, but the state does want people to follow the CDC's guidelines when planning their activities.

Q6 in Spokane is reporting suggestions from the Seattle Children's Hospital regarding giving out candy this year. All of this makes sense it's just going to be more of a hassle. I'm the guy who grabs several too expensive bags on the way home after a show. That's not what our essential teams are suggesting this year. Think of it like a birthday party when you make those goodie bags. Just grab that packaging and place candy inside passing those out. They say you help eliminate germ spreading especially during a pandemic.

The CDC posted a very in-depth list regarding all Fall Holiday celebrations, Lower risk activities, Moderate risk activities, and Higher risk activities. These are extensive lists and I'll give you the actual CDC suggestions link below. Good information.


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