The mask mandate on airplanes ended a few weeks ago thanks to a decision by a federal judge in Florida. The ruling was welcomed by millions of travelers who have been forced to wear a mask while traveling on airplanes.  

The Biden Administration reacted to the ruling by pledging to explore the possibility of challenging the court's decision. However, the travel mask mandate expires on May 3rd. So how did the mask mandate end, and what's the connection to Idaho?

The Wall Street Journal reports that an Idaho-based advocacy group Health Freedom Defense Fund was behind the lawsuit that brought down Biden's Mask Mandate. The group was founded in 2020 in Sandpoint, Idaho, by a former Goldman Sachs banker. Leslie Manookian told Bloomberg that she was inspired by the reaction from across the country to the judge's decision. She continued by saying the lawsuit gave Americans hope in a challenging time.  


The group's website, which you can view here declares:

HFDF asserts that no person, business, institution, organization, or government has the right to force a person to put something into their body against their will. If any of those entities have or claim that power, we are not free and we do not live in a decent, moral, or just society. As has been agreed by all free nations for decades, the practice of ethical medicine requires prior, voluntary and informed consent. Period.

The group plans to continue its work on protecting the rights of individuals to choose whether or not to wear a mask. The group has an action plan on its website designed to help you protect your rights.  

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