Yesterday's deadly school shooting at Saugus High School has our nation mourning and questioning what we can do to stop these horrific acts. We never think it will happen in our schools, to our communities, but it can. A 13-year-old Boise boy is facing possible criminal charges for bringing a gun to East Junior High school.

We received a call this morning from a concerned parent who said her child had come home saying that a student had brought a gun to school on Wednesday. The parent claims that the school did not make parents aware of the situation, but that rather they were informed by their student. We can't confirm those details, but I do know my kids have come home a couple of different times this year from the middle school they attend saying that the police were on campus and that a bullet or drugs had been found at the school. I have been shocked that I was not notified by school authorities, but I am not sure what proper protocol is concerning these types of issues.

Sure enough, the call we received this morning regarding the fact that a 13-year-old brought a gun to East Junior High has been confirmed by KTVB.

After reports, officers from the Boise Police Department searched the student but did not find a gun on him Thursday morning when they searched.

After further investigating though, they discovered that the teen did bring a gun to school on Wednesday in his backpack. No one was injured, but the 13-year-old is still possibly facing criminal charges.

I wish I had a simple answer to this horrible problem in our society. I do like some of the additional security that has been placed in our school, such as the badge entrance system that the school my kids attend uses, and walls that have been built in some schools between the office and the rest of the school.

What are your thoughts about what should be done to stop the violence in our schools that has become so common?

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