13-Year-Old Brings Gun to East Junior High in Boise
Yesterday's deadly school shooting at Saugus High School has our nation mourning and questioning what we can do to stop these horrific acts. We never think it will happen in our schools, to our communities, but it can. A 13-year-old Boise boy is facing possible criminal charges for bringing a g…
Gun Found In Carry On Luggage At Boise Aiport
This is scary stuff for those who travel often, or if you are planning to travel for the upcoming holiday weekend. Be aware of your surroundings and report any suspicious activity.
A male passenger traveling through the Boise Airport was cited after TSA officers found an unloaded gun in a carry-on ba…
New Idaho Law Starts Soon
The bill aimed at eliminating concealed carry permits in city limits has been signed into Idaho law by Governor Butch Otter and will go into effect on July 1.
It's already acceptable in certain counties and state lawmakers pushed for it to be consistent throughout the state of Idaho