This is the most Idaho headline I've ever written, and it's real!

Thanks to our friends at the Big Country News Connection for the story... It was the Preston Night Rodeo in Eastern Idaho, Governor Brad Little was in attendance, it was the top-notch cowboys rope, ride and race and all was going well when a bull got a little close to the crowd. According to Big Country News Connection, "After throwing his rider, the bull took off to the west side of the arena, eyed the fence and jumped. Shrieking fans parted as the bull balanced momentarily on the fence, and  cable broke, rocking him backwards and back into the arena. Clowns jumped into action, distracting him from trying to escape again, and he was soon corralled behind the chutes where he belong. A photo from the incident shows a man in the crowd pointing a pistol at the bull while the animal was on the fence."

Necia P. Seamons/Preston Citizen
Necia P. Seamons/Preston Citizen

The good news is that the show went on and the Bull is still alive, no gun shots rang out but man, what a disaster that would have been if he pulled the trigger on a bull. Are we a little quick to pull out a gun? I mean, sure, bulls are extremely dangerous and powerful animals but you went there to see a bull. This is an event where bulls are taunted and their tempers are tested, are you surprised this one lost his temper? Like I said, it all ended okay but what a scary few moments that must have been for everyone involved, including the bull.

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