I'm a really bad driver, so I hope I never run into this guy! All kidding aside, this is seriously scary stuff. This man from Eagle got so mad at another driver that he pulled out his handgun and said: "I will shoot you!" Here's the whole story. 

The victim says he was stopped in the eastbound lane of Chinden Blvd when a Cadillac Escalade pulled up to his passenger side.

Then, for reasons unknown, 62-year-old Douglas R. McMaster sped up his Cadillac, went in front of the victim's car and then purposely hit his breaks several times.

According to idahonews.com, the road rage continued along HWY 16 until the man in the Cadillac said to the other man "I will shoot you!"

That's when the other guy called 911 and sure enough, when McMaster was pulled over, police found a .38 caliber handgun in his vehicle.

He was arrested on an aggravated assault charge and now faces up to five years in prison.

When I look at his mugshot, he looks like a nice grandpa type character. It's hard for me to imagine someone getting so upset over another person's driving that they threaten that person with their life.

Be careful on the roads and if any sort of suspicious activity starts happening like this, never hesitate to call the authorities.

In the meantime, I'm going to keep it at ten and two and try to play my cards right!

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