On Saturday afternoon the Boise Police Department were called to the Fred Meyer on Federal Way in Boise due to a man saying that he was armed and hiding in the bathroom.

First reported by our friends at KTVB, 28 year old Andrew Middleton of Boise is now sitting in the Ada County Jail with a felony charge of failure to appear in court and misdemeanor charges of providing false information to police and disturbing the peace.

The suspect entered the bathroom at Fred Meyer and began yelling at people to stand back because he had a gun. Boise Police though it would be best to evacuate the store while they attempted to make contact with him.

After placing Middleton under arrest Police searched the store for any firearm that he might have been hiding and found nothing. It was around 4 p.m. by the time officers started leaving the store, luckily no one was hurt during this whole ordeal.

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