As a Treasure Valley citizen it makes me furious that someone would lie about a drive-by shooting that was said to have taken place in Caldwell last week. The story first came out last week about 49-year-old Aurora Quedaza telling police officers that she was shot in the shoulder while walking her dog by a suspect in a red vehicle.

After speaking with Aurora more about the incident police officers believe that the shooting actually took place in her own home. According to KIVI, she hasn't been cooperating with officers trying to identify the shooter or explain why the shooting took place.

The Caldwell Police Department spent lots of time and resources attempting to look for a suspect when there wasn't one to find. And because of that the department will be filing charges against her for filing a false police report. It's absolutely horrible that someone would make a story like this up, but I'm glad to see we don't have someone terrorizing local neighborhoods.

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