How can you resist this face? Bean is such a love and needs a home to give him lots of attention and help him get over his shyness.

Bean is a sweet but cautious boy. He is timid and needs a home where his new owners are patient and will take the time to socialize him with others.
He was returned to the shelter since he was displaying fear with strangers and the owners were unable to work through this. Bean is cautious around new people that he meets and may bark at them. He is currently in a foster home that is working on this behavior. Bean loves to play fetch, and loves car rides. He is crate and house trained and loves to snuggle on the couch with his person.

He gets along with other dogs but wants to be with his person, not the other dog in the household. A little extra attention and Bean will make the perfect pet! Please contact his foster mom for more information! Her number is 208-899-6824. You can also contact the Canyon County Animal Shelter by clicking HERE