What Weird Question Do People in Every State Google More Than Anyone Else?

It's become second nature to just type any question that pops into your mind into Google.  But, thank goodness they keep logs of that stuff, so we get to see it and make fun of it right? After all who doesn't want to know why their poop is green or why their nipples are sore.

The website Estately.com just analyzed Google searches from the past 12 years to figure out what WEIRD QUESTION people in every state Google more than anyone else.  And the results are pretty amazing.

Here are some of the highlights:
1.  Hawaii gets the award for the deepest question:  "What is the meaning of life?"

2.  And it's a hell of a battle, but Louisiana gets the award for the shallowest question:  "When is WrestleMania?"  For future reference, late March or early April.

3.  I worry about the people of South Dakota, since their most common question is: "Why is my poop green?"  Oh, and Georgia is wondering "Why are my nipples so sore?" . . . and Missouri is asking "Am I a psycho?"

4. The dumbest question might come from Kansas, with "How to make meth?" . . . Texas with "Where is the Internet" . . . Kentucky with "How to make a baby?" . . . or South Carolina with "Where is my phone?"

5.  And finally, Wyoming gets the award for the funniest question:  "What is Wyoming?"

Here are Idaho's most searched Google questions:

Is Ted Cruz the Zodiak Killer? / How to be single? / What is federalism? / What does “Netflix and chill” mean? / Is Netflix down? / How to meditate? / What is the electoral college?

Click on the link below to see the most asked Google questions in each state


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