We've probably all passed through an Idaho town and thought, "how the hell do you say that?"  Towns like Weippe, Kamiah and Lake Pend Oreille come to mind...heck even Kuna and Boise are difficult for some folks.

Idaho is filled with names that were handed down from Native American names from Indian Tribes like the Nez Perce. Plus you add in a little French with names like Dubois and you are set up for a comedy of errors when it comes to pro-nunsticating names correctly.

I've lived in Idaho, most my life and grew up near Kamiah and Lapwai, so I know how to pronounce them. (Kam-ee-eye) (Lap-way)

Here, thanks to Boise Public Radio are a bunch of other hard to pronounce cities and their correct pronunciation to help you out...especially if you're a new arrival to our state...you don't want to sound like a damn foreigner and pronouncing our cities correctly will help more than anything.



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