We all love our little town of Boise. Idaho's "secret gem" might still be somewhat secret, but it won't be the more people keep showing love for our beloved hometown.

The Treasure Valley continues to make top lists over and over again - which is either good or bad depending on who you talk to, but Boise just made a pretty impressive list and it's worth bragging about! In our most recent "Best of" list - we not only were the best in the United States, but in all of North America! Congrats, Boise!


According to Expedia.com Boise just made the list of coolest downtowns in all of North America. I don't care who you are, that's pretty cool! Of course our downtown area is pretty cool.


It's clean, safe and there is always something to do and according to Expedia this is also a big reason downtown Boise is so cool.

Expedia loved our Boise GreenBike system, our neighborhood's open-air way of life, and how outdoor-oriented we all are.

They say you're happier the more active you are, so perhaps this is why everyone is so nice in the Treasure Valley!

Check out what Expedia had to say about Boise and the other downtowns that made the list of Coolest Downtowns in North America by clicking on the link below.

What do you think? Do you think Boise deserved to rank in North America's best downtown list?




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