Lose weight. Save more money. Blah, Blah, Blah. Those are standard resolutions. But the one I found on Pinterest will enrich your year, take you to new places and so much more!

Pinterest New Years Resolution

I love to read! It is one of my most favorite things to do in my spare time. I always have a book with me. Currently I'm reading Mocking Jay (Part 3 of The Hunger Games Series) and listening to another book on audio (The Power of Positive Thinking). I'm a slow reader but that doesn't stop me. I love learning about different people and going to new places in my book. I literally climb into my book and get transported to another place and time.

My friend, Mindy, found this on Pinterest and challenged me to do this with her. So I'm passing it on to the 12 of you. Let's try and read more this year. Let's try and learn new things. Let's escape from reality for a little bit each day. Let's go on an adventure! I know I won't get through the whole list by the end of the year, so instead, I'm looking at this as something I'm starting this year and will take my sweet, page-by-page time getting through this. I'm always up for a good suggestion so please feel free to share with me the books you're reading!

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