"Have you been living under a rock?" is a common saying when someone seems to be oblivious to things happening in society. Sometimes though I really wish I was living under a rock especially in today's world! The overload of bad news can be daunting and so mentally exhausting. With the upcoming election only weeks away you might be feeling the same way too.

Hotels.com wants to help you escape the viscous new cycles that will probably only intensify in the days to come. The booking site is taking the phrase "living under a rock" literally and is offering people to chance to do just that!

After you do your civic duty and cast your ballot, you can book this man-made cave built 50 feet below ground off-the-grid in New Mexico that will be posted on the site just in time for you to escape election week drama. This way you'll be able to really unplug from reality when it's going to be at it's worst peak! The listing is posted as a five-night stay from November 2nd through the 7th. How convenient! 

Credit: Hotels.com
Credit: Hotels.com

It'll be pretty competitive trying to book this place though. Obviously only one person can get stay on a first-come, first-serve basis. The booking goes up on Hotels.com this Friday, October 9th at 9:00 am Eastern. If you are the lucky one awarded the luxury of living under a rock, all the accommodations will only cost you $25. The cost to stay is what Hotels.com calls, "a Abraham Lincoln-inspired presidential rate' of just $5 a night."

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