So I know we have a lot of Idaho natives and a lot of transplants, and tons of family that will be traveling here to the Treasure Valley this holiday season. Will you check the temperature of not only your turkey, but also your family/guests at the door? Will you require masks indoors? Is this an absurd question?

As Covid-19 seems to be surging in Idaho as we enter the fall, all the while people becoming exhausted of masks and the news cycle, along with an election coming that in some ways, will be decided in relation to Covid, is it absurd to ask your holiday guests to wear masks indoors and to have temperature checks?

Oh, also... If granny travels from Florida to Boise for Thanksgiving, are you going to turn her away at the door?

It's a pretty wild time when you think about it. I think it's been established, no matter what side of the aisle you're on, that older people and people with weakened immune systems are at risk. My mom was visiting Vegas and I worry about her health so I wore a mask when I saw her and I was made fun of by a couple of family members for doing so. I'm a fairly cautious person, I don't mind the mask thing, I certainly don't think it takes away from my masculinity, but I could be better in that regard, too.

In this weird world we're living in currently where taking Covid-19 seriously is a devisive issue, and with many families having differing opinions within their own, it could prove to be a pretty chaotic holiday season.

About 30% of Americans plan to check their guests temperature as they arrive for holiday visits and I would guess that same 30% will likely have a family member upset or hurt by this. What do you think? Is this going too far in this Covid world we're living in?

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