If your house or workplace is anything like ours , it has felt like everyone keeps getting sick.  When they do, it's not just a small cough and light fever.  It's bad flu. 

If that's what you were feeling, Idaho health officials confirm you're right.

This round of flu this year is so sever that flu deaths are up this year across the State.  Officials say it's one of the worst in recent history.  So far, this flu season has claimed 47 lives (36 verified and another 11 that are currently being investigated but seem likely.

The highest number of flu deaths over the last 17 season was 35 in 2012-2013.  Experts warn that that we aren't even close to the end of the flu season this year, so the numbers were seeing will almost certainly increase.

So what can we do to limit our risk?  Officials say that even if you haven't gotten the flue vaccine, it's still worth doing it.  It's the best bet to fight off the unusually strong flu.  In addition, covering when we cough, washing hands frequently, and staying home when we're sick all contribute to being healthier.

Most of us will bounce back from the flu in just a couple days.  Across the country, the flu typically causes 36,000 deaths and 200,000 hospitalizations.

If you are a in high-risk category, you should seek immediate medical attention when symptoms start.

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