It’s the coldest (and sickest) time of the year in Boise. When temperatures drop, sicknesses like colds and the flu skyrocket. So before you start reaching into your stash of cold and flu medicine, make sure you don’t have one of the following products - cause they’ve been RECALLED.

Wait - What’s Going On?

Flu season is here and hitting hard. Free flu vaccinations are available at most pharmacies. Call your local pharmacy to schedule your appointment! 

But, vaccinated or not, you may still get the flu, and it’s important to know that some flu (and cold) fighting products are NOT safe for consumption. 

Should You Be Worried?

The FDA has listed the following four flu and common cold-fighting products/medicines due to potential microbial contamination. 

What You Need To Do ASAP

You should throw away and be warry about these products from Efficient Labratories in 2022.

Recalled Flu and cold medicine in 2022 by FDA

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More About the Products

 These cold and flu medicines were distributed in 2019 and expire throughout 2022, depending on their lot. You can find the lot numbers and expiration dates on the bottom of the carton or bottle!


Also, just a friendly reminder, that you can double-check your bottle or other medicines in your stockpile with the FDA website to see if it’s been recalled and why. 

You can also see this list and other products by this manufacturer that have been recalled and why. 


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