This might be the most dangerous, risky circus we'll ever see and it's coming to Boise.  The Nitro Circus brings Motorcross daredevils to Memorial Stadium in June, and the drivers know that "breaking a leg" is a real possibility.

These guys have some guts.  You'll hear most of them admit that riding a Motorcross bike up one of these enormous ramps and doing a flip in mid-air is a little risky, and some will say it's kind of a stupid idea.  They know they can wipe out and break a leg or worse, but they do it anyway.  Stupid brave, that's what it is. The drivers in the Nitro Circus have no fear, and while a few of us are sitting at home binge-watching Game of Thrones and Roseanne and eating peanut butter-filled pretzels, they're taking the bull by the horns and overcoming hurdles and conquering fears and things.  That's inspiring.

The Nitro Circus is taking its Next Level tour on the road this year, and they'll have the World’s biggest ramps with them.  These are the ramps that have only been seen at Travis Pastrana’s house and at the Nitro World Games.  (Travis Pastrana has won several X Games medals in Motorcross and he's competed in the NASCAR Nationwide series.  He's an accomplished stunt performer that doesn't seem to like words like slow, small, or shy and he's the ringleader of the wild Nitro Circus.)

They tell us the tour is too big for indoors, so they'll set up those monster ramps outdoors at the Boise Hawks' Stadium on Sunday, June 3rd.  The ramps are so huge and elaborate that they were never meant to be set up more than once, but they're taking them on a multi-city tour anyway and re-assembling them at every stop.  These guys don't back down from any challenge.

Sounds like a good date night, and an inspiring night for kids who are constantly flipping mini-toy dirt bikes on the living room floor.

There's more on the Nitro Circus Facebook page.  It's one more sign that this is going to be a really fun summer.


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