If you're a skateboarder who lives in Boise, you probably remember ESPN's Road To X Games. It was an event that took place at Rhodes Skatepark that had skateboarders from around the area competing for a shot at getting to the Summer X Games. It's a surefire way to launch a career as a professional skateboarder and would no doubt lead to other opportunities.

Boise skateboarders will have a shot at that glory once more, plus cash, but before we get to that - let's look at what the benefits would be if Road To X Games took place in Boise again.

Here's Why An ESPN Favorite Needs To Return To Boise

Do you want to see Road To X Games return to Boise's Rhodes Park?

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If you're into skateboarding and think you have what it takes to make a splash in the world of extreme sports, you're going to want to check out a competition taking place in Salt Lake City later this month.

Tony Hawk's Vert Alert/Road To X Games

Pro-am skaters have a chance to win $75,000 and qualify for the 2023 Summer X Games at Tony Hawk's Vert Alert happening June 23-24 at Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City. The amazing part about it all is that it's FREE to anyone looking to compete. According to the site:

The “Utah Sports Commission presents Tony Hawk’s Vert Alert: Road to X Games” is a FREE two-day vert skateboarding competition and legends demo which attracts the best vert skateboarders from around the world, past and present. THVA is uniquely open to all vert skateboarders to allow lesser known skaters a chance to compete with the best for a total purse of $75,000.

New to Vert Alert this year is the chance to qualify to Summer X Games 2023. The top three podium finishers will be seeded into Summer X Games 2023.

It's a bit of a drive for anyone in Boise looking to compete, but $75k is $75k.

Although, it would be nice if Boise hosted the event, don't you think?

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