I'm a fan of Gordon Ramsay. His mean chef schtick on Hell's Kitchen has made for some hilarious memes. And I love how he's a total sweetheart with all the kids on MasterChef Junior. On a more personal note, my husband has worked in two of his Las Vegas restaurants where I learned that Ramsay's a really a nice guy to work with and is super kind to fans. But has he gone a little too far with his latest endeavor?

The English Chef is opening the London location of his Las Vegas based restaurant Gordon Ramsay Burger next month and one particular item is getting all the attention. The menu has a $106 burger on it. If you're picturing a cheeseburger with a one hundred dollar bill as the lettuce, we have the same sense of humor. But Ramsay insists it's worth the price tag. So what's on it?

The burger is composed of Wagyu sirloin, fresh black truffles, 100% UK heritage beef patty, and truffle Pecorino cheese. Pre-vegan days I had the opportunity to indulge in Wagyu sirloin, and while it tasted incredible (I can admit it was delicious), the flavor wasn't worth the wild amount we'd have been charged had it not been a comped dinner. I'm not sure the other components up the value to over $100.

I still think the burger will definitely sell if only for people wanting it as a tourism badge of honor. Gordon Ramsay is a bit of an icon in the chef/restaurant world, so anything he does at this point is bound to sell. But if my husband says he's shelling out $106 for a burger, the patty better be holding a check for power bill.

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